Sliding doors

Sliding PVC doors will be an elegant solution for differentiation in residential, commercial space or as an option of the entrance door. The importance of sliding PVC doors is obvious, regardless of the purpose of use - space sharing, protection against intrusion, bad weather outside the window, or additional room decor. PVC entrance doors are made of a wide solid PVC profile in the proposed variants: Design Ecosol 60, 70 or Gheneo. The design is completely individual and the solution for your doors will be unique. Sliding PVC doors are designed in accordance with the dimensions of the hole and can be: single (with a frame - as a rule, when the width of the gap is not more than 1 m); With a false or hidden (door width more than one meter, the door is divided into two parts with a movable support frame, the other can be opened as needed); With lateral fixed parts and one or two moving parts.

Sliding PVC doors are used for maximum illumination of the room. All types of PVC profile Rehau can be used, in addition, in combination with any glass packaging technology, including filling with inert gas - argon with decorative sandwich panels. These types of doors perfectly separate the space between terraces, balconies and inside of the house. Depending on the purpose, this type of PVC profile is used with different characteristics of the phono or thermal insulation of different colors, including imitation of the tree. Depending on the width of the profile, the threshold also has different sizes, being clogged to the floor, so that the passage from inside or outside is carried out at the same level. Rehau sliding doors mean that you will not need an additional window for airing. Rehau sliding doors do not present any danger of insects, dust or fluff penetration, because you can install an additional grid for sliding doors, which is easily placed left or right as needed.
Rehau's folding doors include a unique system of accessories in our country and have recently become common. This is a fairly solid wall, consisting of several panels (mobile doors) of the Rehau profile or trypan of different sizes, depending on the needs. Folding type of Rehau doors at the moment is the most popular. Only this type of door can divide the room into several, isolating them from each other, from noise and temperature changes. Folding doors completely isolated from noise and unfavorable weather conditions, identical to Rehau windows of good quality. When installing this system it is worth considering: the maximum panel size is 900 mm; The maximum number of panels is 7.

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