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Doors PVC Rehau

The door is the face of any house and its reliable protector. Our company is ready to offer you the production of PVC doors in Chisinau based on the Rehau profile of any configuration and style. We work only with the best quality PVC systems and are ready to offer you the best option based on the profiles Rehau 70 and Reahu 60.

Door systems 70

This elegant system of profiles has high energy efficiency. In addition, it elegantly fits into the design of your house and protects from burglary and damage. Plastic doors made of 70 mm Rehau profile are distinguished by their high strength. The guarantee of high reliability is a 4-chamber profile with a width of 70 mm and a strong steel reinforcement.


• Depth of profile 70 mm

• Use of 4 or 5 cameras

• Heat transfer Uf = 1.7 W / m2 ° K.

• Air-tightness class BG A (RAL GZ 996)

• Waterproof class BG A (RAL GZ 996)

Rehau 70 profile doors are suitable for offices, commercial premises, kindergartens, schools and private homes.

Door systems 60

This optimum solution provides a high level of thermal insulation, reliability of the profile and stylish design. Using the profile allows you to create an atmosphere of peace and quiet. The profile has a smooth surface, resistant to all kinds of pollutions. Reliability and resistance to burglary is achieved through the fastening of locks through three PVC walls with additional steel reinforcement. And also: high static characteristics, protection from blowing, dust and resistance to high humidity, good thermal insulation. Doors are easy to operate and do not require special care.


• Depth of 60 mm

• Use of 2 or 4 cameras

• Filling thickness up to 33 mm

• Smooth and low-maintenance surface

• Protection against hacking 3 classes

• 4th class of soundproofing

Suitable as the entrance doors of private houses, office buildings and commercial premises.

Balcony doors PVC

Our company is ready to offer the manufacture of the best metal-plastic balcony doors in Moldova. The doors are made on the basis of the window profile and have a high level of pressing against the frame, which allows to keep a comfortable microclimate in the house and avoid heat loss. You can find out the prices and order entrance and balcony PVC doors by telephone or through the application form on site.

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