PVC windows

PVC windows

In most countries of the world, PVC profiles Rehau have replaced the wooden frames in the production of windows. The profile is consist of an empty form of plastic, inside which is installed reinforced metal frame, drainage channel, filter and sealing rubber.

Windows Rehau Ecosol Design 60:

The Rehau group constantly develops a line of PVC profiles to be able to offer the perfect solution from an aesthetic, functional and price point of view. Rehau PVC windows made on the basis of the Rehau Design EcoSol 60 are visually weightless, elegant, and let in 15% more natural light into your home. Maximum lighting is achieved by reducing the height of the profile without compromising the level of heat transfer. All this makes plastic windows Rehau one of the best-selling windows in the world.

• Technical specifications Rehau Ecosol Design 60:

• The thickness of the outer walls: 2.7 mm;

• Profile thickness - 60 mm;

• Number of chambers: 3;

• Coefficient of thermal resistance: 0.625 m2 * K / BT;

• Coefficient of thermal insulation (UF) 1.6 Bt / m2 * K

• Coefficient of Sound insulation 4 (41dB)

• The maximum size of the window glass: 32mm


Rehau Ecosol Design 70:                            

Choosing PVC windows Rehau, you get high quality at a reasonable price. Unlike Rehau Design Ecosol 60, the profile Ecosol 70 is slightly wider, thereby providing a higher level of insulation. In the production of windows used Folosit, which is suitable for recycling, without adversely affecting on human health or the environment. Each Rehau profile has an inclined seam that prevents the penetration of water.

Technical specifications Ecosol Design Rehau 70

• Thickness of external walls 2,8mm

• 70mm profile thickness;

• Number of insulation rooms: 5;

• Coefficient of thermal resistance: 0.77 m 2 * K / BT;

• Coefficient of thermal insulation (UF) 1.3 Bt / m2 * K

• Coefficient of Sound insulation 4 (43dB)

• The maximum size of the window glass: 41mm

Rehau Geneo profile is a unique profile with a powerful massive reinforcement with the revolutionary RAU-FIPRO material. RAU-FIPRO is an innovative material consisting of optical fibers, which reduces the total weight of the window by 40% due to the increase in static characteristics and corrosion resistance. The maximum density is achieved due to three layers of the headset, manufactured by Rehau. This profile demonstrates perfect heat and sound insulation characteristics that are not available to other competing companies in the premium class.

Technical specifications Windows Rehau Geneo Design:

• Thickness of external walls 3 mm

• Thickness profile 86 mm;

• Number of insulation rooms: 6;

• Coefficient of thermal resistance: 1.05 m 2 * K / BT;

• Coefficient of thermal insulation (UF) 0.85 Bt / m2 * K;

• Coefficient of Sound insulation 5 (50dB)

• The maximum size of the window glass: 53mm

Other advantages of the Rehau profile:

* Ability to install protection against breaking

* Wide range of colors, imitation wood and metal

* The surface is very smooth and easy to clean

* High static performance

* Possibility to install a thermo module providing enhanced thermal insulation

* Windows and doors made of PVC Rehau can be enriched with aluminum decorative tiles, which gives an unique appearance and additional durability.

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